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How good is your home heating system? Does it warm up the whole house on a cold day? Does it cost more than you think it should to get enough heat in the winter? Are you thinking about switching to an alternative heating system? Do you want to upgrade to a newer heating system? I started this blog to talk about the different alternatives for heating your home. Find out when it’s time to upgrade your heating unit and when you can make modifications or repairs to your old unit to improve its efficiency or keep it going a while longer. Also, check out the pros and cons of different alternative heating options from geothermal units to pellet stoves. Your home heating answers are here!

Home Heating Hints

  • 3 Ways To Find A Roof Leak

    7 January 2019

    Finding out you have a roof leak is a great way to ruin your day. Leave it untreated and you risk having the problem become worse and worse until the day you return home to find water all over your carpet or furniture. Finding a roof leak though can be difficult at times as it involves physically heading up to the roof. If you've never had to find a roof leak before, here are a few tips that might help.

  • Basic Options In A New Home Fireplace

    24 November 2018

    If you enjoy a getaway to a vacation cabin in the winter so you can snuggle around the fireplace, you should think about having a fireplace installed in your home. It's possible to install a traditional wood fireplace and chimney in an existing home, or you may want to buy a more convenient gas fireplace. Either way, you can enjoy the romance and warmth of a fire any time you like without having to go on vacation.

  • Time For A Replacement? How To Care For Your New Boiler

    1 September 2018

    If you're going to be having a new boiler installed before winter, you're making a big investment in your home. To protect that investment, you want to make sure you take the proper steps to care of it. Here are some tips that will help you care for your new boiler. Give It Plenty of Ventilation Once your boiler is installed by a company like Boiler Services, Inc., you'll want to give it plenty of ventilation.

  • 3 Reasons To Regularly Fill In Cracks In Your Pavement

    1 September 2018

    An asphalt driveway can be an attractive and affordable way to maintain access to your home. It's important that you invest time in regular maintenance if your want your asphalt driveway to withstand the test of time. Filling in cracks in the pavement is a simple task that can have some significant benefits. Be sure that you are engaging in regular crack filling to keep your driveway structurally sound well into the future.

  • Why Is The Furnace Rattling?

    14 July 2018

    It may be summer and hot in most parts of the country, but a pre-winter furnace check is always a good idea. However, if you've turned on your furnace only to hear a bunch of rattling sounds, you need help before you turn it on again.  Rattling can be caused by a minor issue, or it could be an indication that something is very wrong with the furnace. In either case, you need to call a repair company quickly.