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How good is your home heating system? Does it warm up the whole house on a cold day? Does it cost more than you think it should to get enough heat in the winter? Are you thinking about switching to an alternative heating system? Do you want to upgrade to a newer heating system? I started this blog to talk about the different alternatives for heating your home. Find out when it’s time to upgrade your heating unit and when you can make modifications or repairs to your old unit to improve its efficiency or keep it going a while longer. Also, check out the pros and cons of different alternative heating options from geothermal units to pellet stoves. Your home heating answers are here!


Home Heating Hints

  • Winter Will Soon Be Here: 4 Steps To Protect Your Sprinkler System

    26 September 2016

    Winter is will be here before you know it. If you have automatic sprinklers, now's the time to get them prepared for the colder temperatures. If you live in a region that experiences freezing temperatures, you'll want to make sure you get your sprinklers winterized before the cold weather arrives. Here are four steps you should take to winterize your sprinklers. Disconnect the Valves Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your sprinklers, especially the equipment that's located above-ground.

  • Three Common Ingredients That Will Remove Rust From Your Metal Garage Door

    12 July 2016

    When moving out of a house you are renting, anything can make you lose a little or all of your deposit. It is important to clean and fix anything that isn't in the same condition it was in before you moved in, this includes the garage door. Rust on a garage door seem nearly impossible to remove. Don't fret! Luckily for you and your deposit, there are several common household ingredients that will remove rust from metal surfaces.

  • Is There Ice In Your Air Conditioner? Here Is What You Should Know

    1 October 2015

    Ice formation on an air conditioner's coils during winter is nothing unusual. With low winter temperatures and the availability of moisture in the air, it is something that is bound to happen. What is unusual is ice formation on the coils when environmental temperatures are way above freezing temperatures. This is a clear sign of a faulty air conditioner.   Your air conditioner is low on refrigerant The refrigerant is what cools the air passing over the coils.

  • Painting A Room With Carpeting? Learn How To Protect It

    16 September 2015

    When painting inside a home with carpeting, you need to be careful about spilling paint on the floor. While it is easy to wipe up paint splatter from a hardwood floor, it can be incredibly difficult to get a carpet clean after paint gets into the carpet fibers. Here are some tips for protecting your carpeting from paint. Prepare The Baseboard And Room Perimeter You want you give yourself enough room around the perimeter so that you can properly protect the floors.

  • Three Heating Solutions For Rural Homes With Few Available Utility Services

    15 July 2015

    If you live in a rural area, getting normal utility services can be a challenge. This means that you may need to have alternatives for things like heating. You can have a gas tank installed and have it filled regularly, or you can use heating oil, biomass and other alternative heating solutions. These energy resources can cost less and provide your home with the heating that you need. If you need an alternative heating solution for your home, here are some of the choices that you may want to consider for your heating needs: