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Home Heating Hints

Building a Dream Home? Here Are Some Ways to Save

Freddie Kuhn

Many people dream of building a custom home that suits their every need. If you have this same dream and are ready to act on it, one of the things you might fear is going over budget. After all, you can spend an absolute fortune adding feature after feature and making the home what you want. If you need to keep your budget trim, here are some tips to help keep costs down.

Hire a design-build team.

There are two ways to go about building a home. You can hire a separate architect to design and build a home, followed by a building company to build the home. Or you can hire a design-build team. A design-build team will handle the entire project in-house, from the initial concepts to the finishing touches. Hiring one of these teams tends to be the more affordable approach since the designers and builders will have an established means of communication and will not have to go out of their way to work with each other. Design-build teams tend to have established processes, too, which helps them streamline the custom home building process and decrease the hours of labor involved—and these savings get passed on to you.

Give your designer your budget at the beginning.

Oftentimes, a design team will give you an initial design and tell you how much building that design will cost. You might be okay with the cost—until you consider add-ons. After adding a tile shower and some fancy cabinet hinges, suddenly you are $5,000 over budget! A good way to avoid such overspending is to tell your design team your absolute max budget from the beginning. They can then design a home that comes in under that budget, giving you room to add more options without overspending.

Be flexible.

As much as you might want this home to meet your every specification, you have to become okay with the idea of letting a few things go. You might have to go with one and a half bathrooms rather than two full baths, or you might have to give up the 2-car garage for a single-car one and a shed. Sit down and decide which items you're willing to part with, and which items you are not. This way, you will have a better idea of what to cut if your home is beginning to cost more than you thought it would.

Learn more about building your dream home by contacting local custom home builders.