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Being More Informed About Your Home Septic Drainfield

Freddie Kuhn

Homeowners can assume that their septic tank system is little more than a large tank that has been buried beneath their property. However, there are many components that will be responsible for allowing this system to function. In particular, the drainfield can be a part of these systems that will serve an indispensable role, but many homeowners may not understand this part of the system.

Why Is the Drainfield Such an Important Part of the Septic System?

It is necessary for the septic tank to be able to release the water that it has finished treating in a controlled manner. Releasing this water too quickly can lead to major erosion issues. In fact, these issues can be severe enough to cause the entire septic system to destabilize. The drainfield is designed to avoid this by distributing the water over a wider area. This can both prevent major erosion from occurring while also allowing the septic tank to empty more rapidly due to the drainfield being able to safely release larger amounts of water.

What Types of Problems Can a Septic Tank Drainfield Experience?

Sadly, there are a number of problems that will have the potential to impact the drainfield. Clogs can be one of the most commonly encountered problems for septic drainfields. When clogs form in the drainfield pipes, they can completely stop the flow of water and prevent the tank from emptying or it may lead to erosion issues due to excess water being forced through other sections of the drainfield. Clogs are not the only threat to your home's drainfield as soil compaction can prevent water from being able to leave these pipes. Aeration is one way to combat soil compaction. This involves removing small plugs from the soil, which will allow the remaining soil to expand so that it will not be as compact.

Are There Repair Options for Drainfield Problems?

Once a drainfield has started to suffer serious problems, it will be up to the homeowner to take quick action to repair it. These repairs can take many different forms, but they will often require a portion of the soil over the drainfield being excavated so that the damaged section can be replaced. Identifying the damaged area of the drainfield can be tricky, but there are moisture sensors and specially designed cameras that can allow for the interior of these pipes to be inspected. This will allow the repair services to easily and effectively repair your damaged or faulty drainfield. If you have more questions about your home's drainfield, contact local septic tank drainfield repair services.