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Installing New Cabinets In Your Kitchen? Choose Wood Cabinets

Freddie Kuhn

If you are installing new cabinets in your kitchen, wood is a great choice. Below are some benefits of this type, as well as different types of wood cabinets you can choose from for your kitchen.

Wood Cabinets Benefits

Wood cabinets are beautiful no matter what type you choose, and they can go well with any type of style you use for your kitchen.

Wood cabinets last you a long time, so you won't have to worry about changing them out for many years.  Wood cabinets also hold up well to stains, and they are easy to clean. The only thing you have to do is to wipe the cabinets down with a damp rag. They are a good choice for a kitchen, as high humidity will not damage wood cabinets.

You have many options when it comes to the type of wood you want to use, as well as different wood stains to choose from.

Types of Wood for Cabinets

You can purchase wood cabinets from a home improvement store already made, or you can have your wood cabinets custom made. When it comes to the actual wood, you do have options, three of which are listed below.


Cherry cabinets can be red to a reddish-brown, and they look beautiful in a kitchen. Cherry can be stained with any stain you like to make the red color even richer. Over time, the color will darken and redden, making the cabinets even more beautiful.


Another option you have is maple, which you will find in many kitchens. Maple cabinets have an even and tight grain that makes these cabinets easy to pain any color that you wish. It is recommended, however, that you use lighter colors. This is because the maple may absorb dark stains in a blotchy way instead of absorbing them evenly.


Oak cabinets are another option you have. Oak is a hardwood and has a wide grain. Oak is also durable, and you can add a variety of stains to the oak, making the wood darker or lighter in color. Oak is also very durable, so you can plan on these cabinets lasting you for many years. Oak is also resilient to humidity from a kitchen, and stains can easily be cleaned.

A cabinet supplier like Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc can give you more information about these wood cabinets and tell you of many more types of wood that are available for you.