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Home Heating Hints

Family Growing And House Not Large Enough? 3 Types Of Home Additions You Can Make

Freddie Kuhn

If your family is growing and your current home is not large enough, you can add an addition instead of buying a new home. When it comes to home additions, there are different types you can choose from, three of which are listed below.

Bump-Out Home Addition

A bump-out home addition is common and the easiest for you to do. This is because a bump-out is attaching the new addition to an existing room. This would work well if you want to enlarge a current bedroom. For example, if you are pregnant you may want your children to share the same room. This is especially true if you are having twins. This would work well until you have the money to move into a bigger home in the future. 

A bump-out also works well to enlarge a bathroom, which would be beneficial because having more people in your home means more people will be using the bathroom. Bump-out additions cost less during construction because not as much work is involved to complete a bump-out. This also means the new addition can be added much quicker. 

Two-Story Home Addition

Something much more involved but that will give you more room is adding another story onto your home. This will allow you to add more than one bedroom, a bathroom, and a playroom, for example. This will also be much more expensive, but perhaps less expensive than moving and buying a new home.

To install a new story, your current roof has to be removed and then a new roof installed when the new addition is finished. The entire project can take a few months to complete, and this will disrupt your entire house. Because of this, you will likely not be able to live in your home while the construction is going on. This can get expensive, as adding a new story can take a few months to complete. 

Kitchen Extension Home Addition

Another thing you can do is to add onto your kitchen. This will give you much more room when preparing dinners. This also gives your family more room as the kitchen is often used for much more than preparing and eating food. For example, people may sit at a table or a bar just to talk, or kids may do homework in the kitchen. 

The contractor that you hire will match your existing siding and roofing that is currently used on your home. This addition will disrupt your life as you will not be able to use the kitchen, but this type of addition will not take as long to install as other types. You can also still live in your home while the addition is being added. 

Contact a company like Genuine Home Builders Inc for more information about the different types of home additions.