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Home Heating Hints

A Few Reasons You Need A Pallet Rack Permit

Freddie Kuhn

When it comes to all the different permits you need for your business, it can be tempting to skip a few of the ones you don't feel anyone will ever know about. One of these is the pallet rack permit. You may not be sure that one is necessary so you don't bother to ask about one, or you may feel that since the building has already been inspected an approved that no one would ever come around to check on things. Before you go ahead and have the rack installed, consider the reasons you need to get that permit.


Even if you have a professional company design and install the pallet rack, accidents can happen. The walls the racks are attached to are able to hold the rack and anything you put on them. No matter what type of accident occurs, you want to be sure that anyone who is in the warehouse can get out. There needs to be enough room between the racks and/or the walls to have a walkway should one of them fall or there is a fire. In addition, you need to be sure the materials you are placing on the pallets and then the racks can be next to each other without causing a problem. When you have a permit, there will be an inspection to make sure everything is as safe as possible.


Aside from the fact that you need to have a permit to legally put up the pallet rack, there are other things to consider. By neglecting to get the permit and subsequent inspection, you are putting your workers and any clients who walk into the warehouse at risk. Keeping everyone safe is not only a moral and ethical responsibility, but a legal one too. You can be fined and lose your business license if you do not do things properly. If you are just having the warehouse built, not having the proper permits will keep your business from opening.

Following the laws and different regulations for a business of your type may not always be simple and easy, but it is part of being a business owner. While some of them might seem a bit silly at times, they are designed to help you keep everyone safe and to protect your business. Contact the local building and permits department and ask what exactly is needed and then set up a meeting with the contractor to make sure everything is done properly. The little bit of hassle you go through will be more than worth it. For more information, contact companies like Certified Handling Systems.