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Home Heating Hints

Clean Your Well's Submersible Pump And Filter

Freddie Kuhn

If you recently moved to a cabin in the woods where a well supplies your water and you have noticed that the water pressure in your residence is lower than normal, the well pump may be clogged. The following steps describe how to clean a submersible well pump and filter to restore the components to their original condition.


  • cordless drill
  • large bucket
  • water hose
  • adjustable nozzle
  • detergent
  • white vinegar
  • chlorine bleach
  • tube scrub brush
  • scouring pad
  • replacement filter

Remove The Pump And Clean Its Interior And Exterior

Locate the main water valve and turn it off. After removing the lid to the well, use a cordless drill to loosen and remove hardware that is holding the submersible water pump in place. Set the hardware in a safe location and pull the pump upwards. Afterward, slide the filter from the bottom of the pump. Prepare a cleaning solution by adding equal amounts of detergent, white vinegar, chlorine bleach, and water to a large bucket.

Mix the components in the bucket and dip a tube scrub brush into the cleaning solution. Use the brush to loosen residue from the pump's exterior and interior. If there are surface stains that are large or difficult to remove with the brush, dip a scouring pad into the cleaning solution and move the pad back and forth over the dirty spots on the pump.

Soak And Rinse The Pump, Replace The Filter

Once visible stains have been eliminated from the pump, soak the pump in the cleaning solution for several minutes. By doing so, any residue that wasn't eliminated with the brush will be loosened. Rinse the pump with a strong stream of water. Inspect the pump's filter. If it is coated with a thick layer of dirt, purchase a new filter. Otherwise, use a water hose to rinse residue from the filter's surface. Soak the filter in the cleaning solution for a few minutes. Once dirt has been eliminated, rinse the filter off with plain water.

Turn the water pump over so that the bottom of the part is facing upwards. Slide the filter into place. Kneel next to the well and insert the submersible pump into its original location. After inserting hardware through the pump, use a cordless drill to tighten the pieces. Secure the well's lid. Turn the main water valve on. Go inside of your home and turn on the faucets to ensure that water is emitted from them in a normal manner.