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Home Heating Hints

How To Fix A Sagging Gutter

Freddie Kuhn

The weight of heavy snow and ice can cause your gutters to sag. When the gutters sag, water will collect at a mid-point along the gutter instead of flowing to the downspout and will drip over the edge of the gutter and down the front of your house. This can cause damage to the facade on your house, our sidewalk, and the landscaping in your garden. You need to take the gutter partially off of the house and re-hang to remove the sagging section. If you know how to set up and work on a ladder, you can re-hang the gutters by yourself. Here is how to re-hang the gutters.

Ladder Set-Up

Set the ladder up against the section where the gutter is sagging the lowest. If you know how to set up a pick between two ladders so you can walk up and down the gutters, do it. A pick is a board that is connected to two or more ladders and serves as a platform that you can walk on. However, you can still do this job by just moving the ladder along the gutter.

Remove Hangers

You need to remove all of the hangers on the gutter. Hangers are also known as brackets and are used to attach the gutter to the wood along the edge of the roof on the house. Remove the hangers from the sagging section first. Then push up on the sagging section and place a screw through the gutter and wood to hold it up. Take out the rest of the hangers on the gutter. Mark on the wood with a pencil where the hangers are located before you remove them.

Once the hangers are removed, pull down on the end by the downspout so it dips down a little and secure it with a screw.

New Hangers

Sometimes, the hangers that came with the gutter are a little flimsy and you should replace them with a stronger hanger that is better able to withstand the weight of the heavy snow and ice. You should purchase 5" heavy-duty aluminum hangers. Place a hanger at each spot that you marked with pencil on the wood of the house. The new hangers will clip to the underside of the edge on the gutter and fold back across over it. There is a large screw on the hanger that is screwed into the wood behind the gutter.

Re-Hang Gutter

Place a level along the top of the gutter. If the downspout is to your left-hand side, you want to make sure the bubble in the glass bulb on the level is shifted a little to the left of center. Otherwise, the bubble should be shifted to the right of center if the downspout is on your right-hand side. This ensures that the gutter is slightly slanted toward the downspout. Start screwing in the new hangers while always making sure the bubble stays slightly shifted to the left (or right) until all the new hangers are installed and the sagging section is eliminated.