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Home Heating Hints

Steps For Adding A Gravel Driveway

Freddie Kuhn

Adding a gravel driveway to your home can give it a more polished look over an unfinished path. There are a few steps to take to expedite the process; here are some of the decisions and steps that you'll take along the way. 

Decide Whether to Hire a Professional

The first decision you will make is whether to do the job yourself or hire a professional. The benefits of hiring a professional are that it can expedite the job and make it easier. A gravel contractor will have specialized equipment that can make the job go smoother. For example, they might bring a tamping machine to help with compacting the gravel. They can also bring machinery to help dig the surface of the driveway. And finally, you'll be able to have some guarantees on the quality of the finished product; often, these guarantees are written right into your contract. 

Choose the Layout

The next thing you will do is choose the size and shape of the driveway. Rectangular driveways are the most common, although you might choose a square or circular design as well. The width of the driveway is another thing to consider; for houses that will have a long driveway, making it narrower can save on material costs, and it's often a better look anyway. If you do hire a professional land excavation service, they may be able to give you advice and images for comparison as well as cost estimates based on the sizing of your driveway. 

Lay Guides for the Gravel

The first step in preparing your driveway for material is to lay guides that show where the driveway will be excavated and poured. You can get wooden stakes to put every few feet as a visual marker of the driveway. Then, lay string around the posts to mark off a complete pathway from the road to your door. 

Excavate the Area

Digging the driveway is much easier if you have a Bobcat or other excavation tool handy. You could also hire a contractor for land excavation services to make the process much smoother. The driveway will need to be at least a foot deep, since you will have several layers of gravel material to put down. 

Install Your Materials

Finally, it's time to lay down the actual driveway material. The first (optional) layer is a landscaping fabric that goes on the bottom to prevent weeds from poking through to your driveway. Next, you will apply three layers of rocks; large rocks on the bottom, and intermediate layer in the middle, and then the finer, gravel layer on top.