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Learn How To Have A Rental Property Cleaned Out After Evicting A Hoarder

Freddie Kuhn

When you evict someone from your rental property, there is a good chance that they will not clean it out before they leave because they are angry that they have been evicted. When the person you have evicted is a hoarder, the mess that needs to be cleaned up will often be very massive and difficult to tackle on your own. You can hire a junk removal company to help you remove everything quickly and easily from the home. The guide below walks you through the process for planning for such a massive cleanup.

Dress Appropriately

Be sure to protect yourself on the day you plan to start cleaning out the house. You do not know what could be in the house so you need to be sure to wear long pants and long sleeves so that as much of your skin can be covered as possible. Wear boots that have solid bottoms so that nothing can pierce through them when you walk on the garbage. Wear gloves so that you protect your hands, as well.

Take Pictures of Everything

Before you start moving anything out of the house, be sure to take pictures of everything. If the tenant tries to take you to court to get your security deposit back, you can show the pictures to the judge to justify keeping their security deposit. You may even be able to sue them for all of the costs that you will incur during the cleanup.

Let the Company Know What to Expect

When hiring a junk removal company to help with the cleanup, it is important to let them know ahead of time what they are getting into. You want to be sure that the workers are able to dress properly, that protective gear can be provided, and that enough trucks are brought to be able to remove as much of the junk from the house as possible in the shortest amount of time. Go to this website or similar ones to find a junk removal service. 

Inform the Neighbors of the Situation

Go to the people in the neighborhood and let them know what the situation is. The trucks may be blocking the road in some areas and informing the neighbors about what is going on can help to eliminate frustrations that could arise during the cleanup process.

Do Not Attempt to Save Anything

When the cleanup starts, do not save anything. There is no way of knowing what the furniture, clothes, or even dishes may be contaminated with and disposing of everything is the safest thing to do.

When you remove massive amounts of items from a home and have them hauled to the dump, you often have to pay a fee for disposing of so much at one time. Be sure to talk to the junk removal company about whether or not the fees for the disposal of the items is included in the cleanup estimate that they give you. This allows you to know what to plan for the cleanup financially.