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Home Heating Hints

Three Kinds Of Portable Construction Fencing And How They Work

Freddie Kuhn

If you are a retail business and you are about to remodel the front of your store, you want to be sure that your customers are protected and injuries are prevented. Since you cannot have every customer wear a hardhat into the store, you can just circumvent the area by blocking it off with portable construction fencing. Here are three kinds of portable construction fencing and how they would work for your needs.

Orange Plastic Mesh Fencing

This stuff is sold by the roll through most construction supply companies. It is usually four or five feet in height, and looks like bright orange netting. Because it does not arrive with its own vertical supports, you and your contractor will have to figure out how to best support this mesh fencing. If the fencing is going to block off an area outside, you and your contractor may use rebar planted in buckets of hardened cement as the posts around which to wind the fencing. Indoors, you could do the same, since you do not have to make any holes in the floor and the buckets of dried cement are solid enough that they would stay put with customers coming and going around them. You could also use free-standing galvanized steel posts, like the kind used in metal fencing, but with bases and feet to keep the posts erect.

Galvanized Steel Fencing

Otherwise known as "playground fencing" or "security fencing," this type of fencing material is typically stationary. However, when used as portable construction fencing, the galvanized steel posts (to which the steel mesh fencing material attaches) have their own firm bases and "feet" that firmly plant the posts in position without digging holes or using concrete to keep the posts upright. When this type of fencing is used, it generally stays outdoors because it reaches heights of five to twelve feet, depending on how much protection and construction site injury prevention you want. It is also used for construction site security purposes so that your customers do not attempt to take or purchase the building materials stockpiled outside the front of the store.

Temporary Wood Panel Fencing

Temporary wood panel fencing tends to look a lot nicer around a construction zone than the other two kinds of fencing above. However, it also has to be temporarily installed around the work zone, and that means it is installed just like any other wooden fence--fence posts, post holes, concrete and all. It can also become a permanent fence after your remodel is complete, so if you have plans to utilize this fence for other things (e.g., advertising panels outside the store, barricade for trash cans, outdoor storage, etc.) then it may be the ideal construction fencing for you.

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