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Home Heating Hints

Maximize Your Efficiency With Modern Technology - Options In Pallet Racks

Freddie Kuhn

When overseeing a manufacturing operation, perhaps your most important duty is guaranteeing a consistent workflow that's fed by safe materials handling. In order to maximize the likelihood of achieving those goals, you should select a pallet rack system that best fits the needs of your operation. Unfortunately, many people remain unaware of the options available to them in racks and instead continue to struggle with out of date, antiquated technology.  

Below, you'll find a guide to some modern pallet rack systems that provide you with exciting new options and opportunities. Educating yourself about the available racks is an excellent way to modernize your manufacturing operation, and can help guarantee that you continue to be a market leader for many years to come.


The traditional warehouse setup involves long rows of shelving, or perhaps a perimeter covered in racks, providing for plenty of open space for forklift operations. Ultimately, this is an inefficient design, as it leaves far too much empty space that could otherwise be used for storage.

The development of drive-in racks has substantially mitigated this problem. These systems are designed to make maximum use of vertical and horizontal space by being designed to allow for a forklift to drive underneath the rack system. This will allow the space directly overhead to be used, substantially expanding the available storage area.


Another limitation of traditional pallet racks is the variety of products which can be stored in one area. Pushback racks, however, alleviate that concern. By allowing full access to all sides of the rack and easy manipulation of the inventory, multiple products can be stored in one area, substantially increasing the available space.

Pushback racks are especially useful in environments with regularly rotating stock. Because individual products can be selected but others can remain easily available, your customers can maintain a consistent work flow without causing any headaches for your picking environment.

Gravity Flow

When the main concern in your warehouse is increased speed and decreased delivery times, gravity flow systems can be an excellent choice. By using rolling castors and the force of gravity to constantly rotate new pallets into position, gravity flow systems guarantee easy access for forklifts and pickers. These systems can be especially valuable in loading dock areas as they cut down substantially on the time that's needed to remove a product from a shelf, carry it across a vast space to a truck, load it, and then repeat the process.