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Home Heating Hints

Answering A Few Questions About Water Wells

Freddie Kuhn

A well can be an excellent way of providing your home with a source of water, but if you have never owned a well, you may not appreciate what is involved with caring for these systems. As a result, if you are considering having a well installed on your property, you will likely benefit from learning the following answers to some common well care questions.

What Care Will Your Well Require?

Some individuals may be hesitant to install a well because they are concerned about the amount of maintenance that it will require. Luckily, you should be relieved to learn that wells do not require much regular care. Typically, these systems will only need to undergo a yearly service and inspection. This type of care is essential for making sure that the well's pump is in good working condition and that the water in not contaminated. If it is determined that the water has unsafe levels of a chemical or bacterial contaminant, it will be necessary to add a filtration system to the well's pump to remove these substances from your drinking water.

How Can You Tell If The Well Is Experiencing A Problem?

Unfortunately, there is a chance that your well may experience some problems over the time that you own it. Often, these issues will relate to mechanical problems with the pump. If you notice that your pump is making strange noises and your home's water pressure has declined, your pump may be suffering from a mechanical problem that requires professional assistance to repair. If you notice a drop in water pressure as well as an increase in particulate matter in the water, the water level in the well may have dropped, which will require it to be drilled deeper.

What Should You Do For Old Wells?

There can be a number of reasons why you may no longer need your well. Often, this may be due to deciding to switch to the local water grid or you may have needed to have a new well drilled. Regardless of the reason, it is important for you to ensure that any unused wells are properly filled and sealed. If you fail to have this work done, you may find yourself liable if contaminants enter the underground water supply through your well. Also, you may be liable if someone were to fall into it and become injured. Fortunately, a professional contractor will be able to properly fill and secure the well without you needing to be home during this work.

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