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Home Heating Hints

Examining The Safer Operation Of Gantry Cranes In Bridge Construction

Freddie Kuhn

During the construction of large bridges, the use of gantry cranes is highly beneficial and helps to ensure the project meets deadlines. Maintaining safe operation of a gantry crane is extremely vital for lowering the risk of injuries and loss of life. Safe operation is also necessary for achieving the benefits a gantry crane offers in this type of unique construction project. Learn more about some of the steps you can take as a bridge construction manager to ensure the crane you have on the site is always operating in the safest manner.

The Importance Of Lockouts

When your crane is not being used, lockout mechanisms are essential for preventing someone getting on it and causing serious injury. For example, if you and your crew pack up for the day to go home, leaving your gantry crane unlocked could mean serious consequences if there were kids that found their way into your construction site and decided playing like crane operators would be fun. If your crane is under a lockout, the kids playing on it could not start it, a certain way to prevent serious consequences. Also, when your crane is being repaired or is up for regular maintenance, having it under lockout is important for repair and maintenance technician safety. One thing to remember is how important it is to have a lockout control switch placed in an area away from the crane operation for times when an operator may be unable to control lockout features during operation.

Load-Limiting Devices Provide High Level Accident Prevention

Load limiting devices are important to prevent serious injury and property damage. If a load exceeds the manufacturer's specified limits, your crane could topple off its rails, causing loss of life and expensive damage. If you experience down time due to poor crane operation, it can create huge, unnecessary profit losses for both you and your employees. Experiencing a serious job site accident because of poorly executed crane operation could also damage your reputation as a contractor. Be sure to keep load limit manuals in your crane at all times and ensure load-limiting devices are in place and fully operational.

Certified Crane Operators Are A Must

If you know someone in your crew that you feel is competent enough to operate a gantry crane, be sure to have that person take the necessary training to become certified before allowing him or her in the seat. Bear in mind that OSHA put into place requirements for crane operator certification. All crane operators would need to be certified according to OSHA regulations by November 10, 2014 and thereafter. In the event you allow someone you think is competent enough to operate your crane and there is an accident, OSHA will be asking you why that person was operating it in the first place if there is no proof of that person's certification.

Avoiding major and costly accidents during your construction project is the best way to conduct business. If you have a crane at your job site, always take the time to ensure it is being run safely and remember to make sure every safety device is in place through regular maintenance and safety checks.

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