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Home Heating Hints

Painting A Room With Carpeting? Learn How To Protect It

Freddie Kuhn

When painting inside a home with carpeting, you need to be careful about spilling paint on the floor. While it is easy to wipe up paint splatter from a hardwood floor, it can be incredibly difficult to get a carpet clean after paint gets into the carpet fibers. Here are some tips for protecting your carpeting from paint.

Prepare The Baseboard And Room Perimeter

You want you give yourself enough room around the perimeter so that you can properly protect the floors. Move your furniture as close as you can to the middle of the room, and move items out to a different room if necessary.

You should attach a piece of plastic to the baseboard with painter's tape and let the plastic hang down until it extends at least a foot into the room. This will not only protect the baseboard from the paint, but it will prevent paint from dripping down over the baseboard and landing onto the edge of the carpeting.

Ensure that the painter's tape has formed a good seal by running a flat edge, such as a putty knife, across it.

Cover The Floor Of The Work Area

Even if you are careful to not let the paint drip down onto the floor, you could still track it around the room in other places. A common way this can happen is by stepping in a small amount of paint and leaving a trail behind as you walk around the room.

Carpet film is a piece of plastic that has a sticky side to it and can be attached directly to the carpeting. Let the plastic around the baseboard overlap on top of the carpet film, so that any paint that does drip down on the plastic wrap will eventually continue to drip onto the carpet film.

It helps to also wear disposable fabric shoe covers. If you notice that you have stepped in paint accidentally, you can easily replace your shoe covers instead of tracking the paint around the room.

Always make sure you do any preparation, such as pouring paint into your paint trays, over a protected area such as the carpet film. You risk spilling paint as you move your materials in and out of the room, which is how your carpeting can get stained.

If you do somehow manage to get paint onto the carpeting, you will need professional help to fix it. Contact a carpet cleaning service in your area about removing the paint and restoring the carpet to its original color.