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Home Heating Hints

2 Commonly Asked Questions About Cooling A Home

Freddie Kuhn

Keeping your house cool in the summer without raising your electric bill can be a mystery to some people. Although your bill may rise a little bit, you shouldn't have to break the bank to try and keep yourself and your family cool. Here are some commonly asked questions about cooling your home.

Is It More Expensive To Power A Ceiling Fan, These Also Use Electricity As Well?

Although ceiling fans do use electricity, it is far cheaper to use a ceiling fan during the day than it is to turn the AC up. In fact, ceiling fans hardly use any electricity at all. You can power a ceiling fan for an hour and it will only raise your electricity bill by a couple pennies. That means that if you power the fan all through the day and night, it would only be about a dollar a day.

A ceiling fan is a great and effective way to circulate air through the house. However, it is pointless to leave it on while no one is in the room. It blows air on the person to help them feel cooler, but it will not actually cool down the temperature. So leaving the fan on in the house doesn't mean that room will be cooler when you get home. This is why you should turn it off while you are gone, and then have it on when people are in the house.

Does It Really Make A Difference To Adjust The Temperature For The Day and Night?

If you really want to save money on your utility bill, you should consider adjusting the temperature for the night and day. You can change the setting to even just a couple degrees and it will help to lower your bill. Most people program their thermostat so that it doesn't blow as hard in the middle of the night. Since everyone is sleeping you can keep fans in the room and no one will notice if the rest of the house gets hot. Then during the day when people are home, especially in the evening, you can set it to a comfortable temperature.

You can even completely turn off the AC if needed while you are gone, if you can handle waiting for it to cool down the house again. This could help to save you money since there is no one in the house; there is no need to cool it.

By understanding these simple things you can save money on your electricity bill, while still staying cool. 

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