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Two Methods For Preserving Your Company's Parking Lot

Freddie Kuhn

Your company's parking lot sees a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. In fact, the more customers you see on a daily basis, the more wear your lot likely suffers. That means you should plan on recoating your parking area on a regular basis. If you plan to have the area resealed every couple of years, you'll be able to keep the parking area looking good and free of any potential hazards that could damage customer cars. Here are two popular options to consider for sealcoating your parking lot.

Fog Sealant Method

Fog sealing involves applying diluted asphalt emulsion to the entire parking area. It's usually spread on the surface in very thin layers. Parking areas that are rough and dinged on the surface are the best candidates for this treatment, because the emulsion can help to fill in all of the cracks and spaces, leveling it out. It's also ideal if you're waterproofing the parking area, because it creates an even coat. You will want to reapply this every year or two, though, because it goes on thin and can wear from heavy traffic.

If the surface of your parking area is still pretty smooth, fog sealant may not be the best option. The emulsion is diluted enough that it could make the parking area slippery if it's applied to smooth asphalt. In the event that you prefer fog sealant even for a smooth asphalt finish, you can add a bit of texture by scattering some gravel chips across the surface once you've spread out the emulsion.

Sand Sealant Method

Sand sealant allows you to not only create a solid finish, but also add texture using sand granules instead of gravel chips. With a sand sealant approach, you'll spread an even layer of thickened asphalt emulsion over the entire surface of your parking lot. Then, you can spread sand granules evenly across the top of the parking area. Once the sand is on the surface, you'll want to pack it in lightly using a roller before the emulsion sets.

This is a great way to give new life to a parking area that's older, weathered and affected by surface cracks. The asphalt will fill in the shallow surface cracks, and the sand adds enough traction and texture to the fresh asphalt surface. This protects against slipping.

With these two options, you're sure to find one that works for your parking area touch-ups. If you want to preserve your parking lot, talk with a paving contractor today about which choice will best suit your property's needs. For more information, contact a business such as Hals Construction.