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Home Heating Hints

Tight Remodel Budget? 3 Clever Ways You Can Stay On Budget When Remodeling Your House

Freddie Kuhn

A major kitchen remodel can cost over $50,000 while a minor one may only cost about $20,000. An upscale kitchen remodel may cost an astounding $80,000. What's the difference? Well, obviously it depends on if you do any structural changes, such as moving a wall or installing a skylight. The costs for these projects are always much higher than changing out cabinets, flooring and finishes.

However, you can also run up the budget simply by choosing the wrong materials or by communicating ineffectively with your contractor. To make sure you stay on budget, take a look at these three clever ways to stay true to your budget while remodeling your house.:

Shop Beforehand

If you don't know what type of flooring you want or if you haven't picked out your cabinets yet, your contractor will give you an estimate that includes placeholder amounts for these items. In budget terms, these line items are called allowances. As you can imagine, the amount that your contractor estimates that you will spend on materials and labor may vary greatly from what you actually end up spending once you pick everything out.

To avoid allowance variances, do as much window shopping for materials as you can before you have a contractor draw up a budget. This will help your contractor eliminate any unknown variables.

Communicate Effectively

Communication problems are another reason why many projects come in over budget. If your contractor gives you a kitchen island when you really wanted a peninsula, it's going to cost you more money to have it changed out.

To avoid extra costs, always strive to communicate effectively with your contractor by learning the lingo and combing over your construction plans. It's also a good idea to show up at the job sight regularly just to see if everything is to your satisfaction. 

Always Expect the Unexpected

When you start tearing down walls, you will find something unexpected, such as bad wiring, asbestos or structural issues. To prepare for the unexpected, add 20 percent to your budget. Building a cushion in your budget for unexpected expenses, helps you avoid the emotional and financial stress that goes along with blowing your budget. 

It can be difficult to stay on budget while remodeling your kitchen, but it's not impossible. Just remember to pick out as much stuff beforehand as possible, communicate with your contractor and leave extra money in the budget for the unexpected. To learn more, contact a company such as http://cristandsonscontractors.com with any questions you have.