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Home Heating Hints

A Few Financial Benefits When Buying A Newly Constructed Home

Freddie Kuhn

If you are in the market to buy a home, do not forget to talk with new home builders. These homes are not always put in the local real estate listing book (the MLS). Instead, builders buy a whole tract of land, build homes on them, and then have their own selling office. Because the builder owns the tract, he or she is often willing to give discounts and other benefits to buyers to keep their cash flowing.

Here are a few things to discuss with the builder's salesperson to get the best deal possible:

Unfinished Houses

If you are lucky enough to find a builder that has not completed the construction on the houses, you can ask for a discount if you will go through with the purchase before completion. The more homes involved in a project, the more cash flow the builder will need to get them all built. Once a model home is complete, go through it and ask what, if any options are available. If you can agree on a building plan, and get a loan approved, the builder may lower the price to you just to have the known influx of money available.

Buying the First Wave

When a project is large, a builder will usually do the construction in waves, one area of the tract will be completed and sold before other homes are started. If you can get in on the first wave of completed houses, the builder may offer a discount to provide more money for future construction. It is also a good marketing ploy to be able to say that the homes are being sold faster than they can be built.


If a builder gives you a discount on the price, the amount of the sale is made public record. This may mean that prospective buyers may expect the same discounted price. Instead of asking for a discount, ask for upgrades at no additional cost. This could include better cabinetry or flooring. You may want to ask for more expensive lighting fixtures or carpeting too. This way, you save money on the exact house you want, and the builder can keep the asking price the same. Potential buyers do not need to know that you were given the upgrades for free or at low cost.

Buying a newly built home does not always mean that you hired the architect and then the builder. You can buy one that is in a small, planned community too. You can still choose the colors you want, flooring and fixtures you want if you buy one that isn't complete, and you can get a discounted price too.