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Home Heating Hints

Are You A Building A New Porch?

Freddie Kuhn

It seems like just yesterday that we were shopping for Christmas presents and preparing to bring in 2015. Yet, spring is here and summer is right around the corner! If you've decided to enhance your summer living by adding a new porch to your house, this is indeed the perfect time to do it. Here are some ideas for you to consider before you finalize your plans.

The Flooring - Choose concrete! Not only is a concrete floor very affordable, but it will last forever. It can simply be painted, and that would be very pretty. However, you might consider hiring gifted artisans who do faux painting on concrete. You can request the look of brick, wooden planks, pebble stones, clay tile, or even the appearance of an Oriental rug! Concrete floor painting seems to become even prettier over time and it's easy to care for. Just sweep or vacuum, and go over it with a mop and you're all set.

The Decor - Consider white wicker. Not only is it charming, but it lends itself to many types of decor. Think of different seating arrangements that lend themselves to great visiting. A table and chairs would be a good buy. Not only could you use the set for dining, but the table would be a good place to serve food for a buffet. Buy extra chairs and two or three occasional small tables that you can place in smaller more intimate groupings. A hammock or a swing would be darling, too!  Consider decorating with bird houses and with colorful clay birds of different styles to give the room an outdoor look.

The Walls - Choose glass! Talk about bringing the outdoors right inside your house! Glass rooms make it possible to use your new porch during the entire year. Imagine a Christmas tree surrounded by the beautiful outdoors just because your porch is constructed of glass. No matter the season, you would have a breathtaking room that would lend itself to entertaining and family living.

  • Glass room additions give light and elegance to any room.
  • They not only add space and beauty to your home, but they increase its value, too.
  • There are many roof and frame finishes available. In fact, your porch can be custom designed for you.
  • For extra drama, consider a cathedral roof or a roof that makes your porch look like a Victorian conservatory.
  • The glass that is used in the construction of this type of addition is very tough and will withstand even harsh storms.

Congratulations on planning a beautiful porch for your family and friends to enjoy. To get your glass-room porch plans started, contact Sauer & Sons Construction or another local builder soon.