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Unwanted Neighbors | A Property Manager's Guide To Preventing The Spread Of Bed Bugs

Freddie Kuhn

With so many people having personal experiences with bed bugs when they travel, everyone and their neighbor is on high-alert when it comes to these pesky critters. Bed bugs commonly latch on to clothing and luggage to hitch a ride to the next available food hot spot and these smart travelers can multiply real fast. If you are the property manager of an apartment building, just one tenant providing the traveling vehicle for these bed bugs could leave your entire building at risk. One infestation in one apartment can easily spread its way throughout to the rest of the people who live on your property. Here is your guide to making sure a bed bug infestation in one unit does not make its way to everyone else in your building.

Keep Communication Lines Open

One of the biggest challenges you face as a property owner when it comes to a bed bug infestation and commercial pest control in general is the fact that you may not know there is a problem from the start. Tenants do not often announce that they have become a human host to blood-sucking bugs they somehow managed to pack home to their apartment.

It is a good idea to encourage tenants to be forthcoming with pest issues right from the beginning of a lease. Make it a stipulation in lease agreements that the tenant is responsible for reporting pest problems and inform in writing that you will seek professional pest control on their behalf.

Know the Visible Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

People who discover they have a bed bug problem will likely do several things. They may start to eliminate cloth furnishings, such as mattresses and sofas, from the apartment. Some may try to treat the space on their own with over-the-counter products. You may even notice a tenant is doing a lot more laundering of bedding and clothing in the laundry facilities. From the moment you observe any of this behavior, it is imperative to talk to your tenant to prevent the further spread of the problem.

Act Quickly to Contain the Problem

When you discover there is a bed bug problem in one apartment, the rest of your tenants should be informed to be on the lookout for an issue in their own unit. Contact commercial pest control agents who can treat not just the apartment, but the outlying perimeter of the apartment as well. The faster you act when you know there is an issue, the easier it will be to keep the bugs limited to one treatable area.

Bed bugs in an apartmant building can be a major issue for all tenants in the neighborhood if you are not careful and meticulous. Make sure you arm yourself with knowledge about how bed bugs travel and what you can do to keep them in one place.