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Reasons To Choose Custom Glass Instead Of Glass Film

Freddie Kuhn

Glass film is a way that some homeowners are giving their window treatments an updated look. The film is fairly inexpensive; depending on how many windows you are covering, and can give the look of custom glass. If your intention is to come out with the same look of custom glass, you could be very disappointed. Before you reach for the film instead of calling the glass company, consider the reasons you should choose custom glass instead of glass film.

Minor Scratches

Glass film is similar to the safety film you can put on your cell phone, tablet, and other electronics. Though it does protect the screen from minor scratches, it protects the screen by taking each and every hit in place of the screen. The same is true for glass film. If you take, for example, a frosted glass film and place it over the window, the film will take the brunt end of the damage and show every small flaw. Custom glass can be sent out with a protective layer that doesn't show these minor abrasions and keeps its like new finish with minor maintenance.

Peeling Issues

Over time your window film will peel and begin to curl in the corners of the window. This usually means you have to re-stick the film, but that may only last for a few days or weeks. Eventually you will need to replace the film. With custom glass you don't have to worry about this issue. The only time you will need to replace the glass is if you want a change of view or if the glass breaks.

Level of Privacy

If you are choosing glass film as a way to offer some privacy to your windows, then consider the level the film offers. Most films that are used for this purpose, like frosted film or color film, give only one level of intensity. This may not be the level you need to get the privacy you want. By using a custom glass company, you can get the look you want and the level of privacy you need by request. They can increase the frosting or effect or decrease it as you necessary for your order.

Style Options

When you choose a glass film you are limited by the manufacturer line. Most manufacturers only have a few basic designs and size options. If you need to do any customization, you have to cut to fit the film yourself. With a custom glass company, you can tell them the type of design you want, the thickness, size, and other style options. They will make the glass to fit your order and you don't have to worry about limitations.

These are just a few reasons to choose a custom glass company over glass film. Other reasons include lifespan of the glass, warranty, and repair options. If you are ready to move forward with an order, contact a custom glass professional, such as Sound Glass Sales, Inc., today.