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Home Heating Hints

Residential Siding: The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Vinyl

Freddie Kuhn

Vinyl siding is arguably the most popular option available when it comes to residential siding. However, like all siding options, vinyl siding will not be right for everyone. Thankfully, taking the time to review the pros and cons outlined below can help you to determine for yourself whether or not vinyl siding is the right option for you and your home.

The Pros

There are several impressive benefits associated with the installation of vinyl siding on your home. These benefits include:

  1. Affordable - Vinyl siding is often the most affordable option the residential siding market has to offer. In fact, with average costs as low as $3.30 per square foot installed, vinyl can easily cost half as much as options such as wood shingles.
  2. Easy To Maintain - There is no need to sand, seal, paint, or treat vinyl siding in order to keep it looking its best. Instead, simply use a standard garden hose to wash off your siding whenever it becomes soiled. Caring for your new vinyl siding will truly be that easy.
  3. Wide Selection - Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. As a result, it is virtually impossible for every homeowner not to find a color or pattern that is perfect for their home and their personal preferences.

The Cons

Vinyl siding also comes with some disadvantages that you should be aware of. These disadvantages include:

  1. Low Melting Temperature - With a melting temperature of just 160 degrees Fahrenheit, vinyl siding can be damaged easily when exposed to even mild sources of heat. This includes placing a BBQ grill to close to your home, or even allowing light to reflect directly on your siding through nearby windows.
  2. Fading Color - The color of your vinyl siding will fade over time. Unfortunately, the only way to restore this fading color is to replace the siding on your home.
  3. Cracking - Vinyl siding is also sensitive to extremely cold temperatures. When exposed to extreme cold, this siding can become brittle and begin to crack. Repairing this damage will require you to replace the section of siding that has been affected.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable siding option that will easily stand up to the test of time with very little maintenance, vinyl siding will be the perfect option for you and your home. In order to further discuss the pros and cons associated with this siding option or to schedule the installation of your new siding, be sure to contact a reputable contractor in your local area like one from Professional Home Improvement Inc as soon as possible.