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Home Heating Hints

Reasons To Have Your Land Surveyed

Freddie Kuhn

If you own property, you might be surprised to learn just how many things about that property you don't know. This kind of uncertainty is what leads to boundary disputes with neighbors, right-of-way issues and questions about who is supposed to maintain what. Fortunately, there is a simple way to eliminate this kind of uncertainty, which is by having a complete land survey done of your property. Hiring a professional land surveyor offers you benefits in several areas.


One of the primary reasons that property owners hire a land surveyor is that they want to clarify exactly where the boundary lines are between their own property and their neighbor's. This is an important piece of information if you're thinking about building a new driveway, putting up a fence or expanding your home. After a survey is done, homeowners often find that they and their neighbors have been very mistaken about where the boundary line actually is. After all, you don't want to put up a garden shed on your neighbor's property, since you would essentially be giving it to him or her.

Right of Ways and Easements

A completed survey will make sure that any special exceptions required by law (such as right of ways and easements) are made clear on the property's title report and other documents. For instance, if the layout of your property is blocking a neighbor's access to the street, there is probably going to be a standing agreement that grants that neighbor the legal right to cross your property in order to get to the road.

Joint Driveways, Party Walls, Projections and Overhangs

There are many circumstances in which you are legally obligated to maintain a feature on your property so as to support some feature on your neighbor's property. While this might sound odd, it makes sense that if your neighbor's driveway leads into yours, you might be required to maintain your driveway so your neighbor can get out. This will be reflected on the survey.

Improvements And Repairs

A surveyor will also make clear on the survey report that none of your buildings or other improvements (or any changes or repairs you have made to them) do not violate current laws or restrictions with regard to their overall size, dimensions, frontage, setbacks, building lines or parking. Naturally, if it turns out that you are in violation of the law or some local regulation, the surveyor will notify you of this so that you can make whatever changes are necessary.

For more information, contact Arizona Surveying and Mapping or a similar company.