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How good is your home heating system? Does it warm up the whole house on a cold day? Does it cost more than you think it should to get enough heat in the winter? Are you thinking about switching to an alternative heating system? Do you want to upgrade to a newer heating system? I started this blog to talk about the different alternatives for heating your home. Find out when it’s time to upgrade your heating unit and when you can make modifications or repairs to your old unit to improve its efficiency or keep it going a while longer. Also, check out the pros and cons of different alternative heating options from geothermal units to pellet stoves. Your home heating answers are here!


Home Heating Hints

Water As A Tool - Using Water In Industrial And Landscaping Applications

Freddie Kuhn

The usefulness of water for health and agriculture are well-known to most people, but there is a side of water that is less universally valued—water as a tool in itself. The power of water for tearing down, stripping, propelling and cutting is substantial, and is being increasingly utilized in industrial, commercial and landscaping applications. Water, when shaped appropriately, can accomplish things that no other substance can.

Water as a Tool

While there are numerous ways to use water to exert force, or as an abrasive, there are several applications in particular that are notable for their novelty and their usefulness. These include:

  • Water Jet – Water jet cutters may sound space age—and they are, to some extent—but at their core they are really just slicing tools that utilize everyday water. The water source is forced through a nozzle to a certain velocity, and then applied to a surface using a computerized operating tool. These water jets can slice through solid steel, stone and wood, and can create such a fine jet that it is possible to do extremely detailed cutting work on a variety of materials. This unique combination of power and finesse is certainly special, and is only found in fine laser or plasma cutting tools. The water jet remains unique, however, as the cutting tool itself is created out of regular water, not electricity or plasma.

  • Commercial pressure washing – Commercial pressure washers are not quite water jet cutters, but they are certainly remarkable in what that can accomplish. It is possible to clean impossibly dirty surfaces in industrial and landscaping applications, with just a commercial pressure washer pumping water out at high speed. Paint can be stripped off of surfaces, varnish removed, moss and grease wiped away, and more. The speed and efficiency of this particular tool makes it a go-to choice for numerous different tasks in a variety of industries. Consult with professionals, such as those from Best Choice Pressure Cleaning and Landscaping, for further information.

  • Water propulsion – Water pumps are already used to drive fountains in landscapes, and to keep underwater features dry in specific situations. However, there is also another way pumping water can be utilized. Water propulsion systems are currently in development that can actually propel masses—like watercraft—through water or over its surface. These propulsion systems are nearly silent, and offer the added benefit of being safe for life in the water. No more propeller wounds for innocent creatures that just happen to be near a boat.